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About Safety Corp

Welcome to Safety Corp


Each year, Safety Corp clients and partners will trust us to train over 35,000 students in Workplace Health and Safety across nearly every industry in Australia.


Established in 2008, Safety Corp has a network of over 120 trainers across Australia in both metro and regional locations. Safety Corp has the rare capability to service national, state and regional clients across a large range of WHS disciplines.


Safety Corp has achieved our substantial success by focusing on delivering what you want.


For our training clients this means:

  • Relevant courses that provide practical skills.

  • Trainers that actively work and enjoy their training subjects.

  • Courses that use your organisation material rather than just a standard generic course written for every person in Australia.

  • Offering something that is special to you that you specify is required.


Safety Corp courses are based around customising training solutions for your organisation. We love it, we are great at it and we are very successful at delivering great training outcomes.


For our RTO Partnership clients we know this means:

  • Understanding your needs - Safety Corp started as an RTO partner ourselves over 13 years ago

  • Providing speed and efficiency when managing your paperwork

  • Offering an extraordinary price that makes your organisation more profitable


The big thing you will immediately notice when working with Safety Corp is that we are a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team, and are prepared to take the extra steps to help you achieve your objectives.


Safety Corp Founder and CEO, Mark Robb, is available to discuss your specific requirements.


Call 1300 799 190 or email us from this page.

Safety Corp is a Registered Training Organisation No. 91694 registered by ASQA.


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